Golden Lakes Village Phase “B” Administration

Managed by: Anzen Group, LLC

1500 Golden Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 33411

Ph: 561-689-8966 | Fax: 561-689-1801

[email protected]   |


Onsite Business Hours:

Mon—Fri: 7:30am– 4:00pm

Window- hours: 8:30am—3:30pm


After-Hours Emergency Line (toll-free number):

1-855-AT-ANZEN | (1-855-282-6936)


Resident Service Department (24 hours / day | 7 days / week)

[email protected]

Toll-Free Number: 1-855-AT-ANZEN | 1-855-282-6936


Property Manager:    Dana Jitcov, PhD, MBA

[email protected] | 954-913-9912


Lifestyle Director :    Silvia Perejuc

[email protected]   |   561-370-8362


Accounting Team   

Accounting Manager:      Robert M. Andrews

[email protected]

Accounting Staff:              Donovan, Mike & Andrea               

[email protected]


Onsite Administration:     Phone: 561-689-8966 | Fax: 561-689-1801

Office Manager:                           Rosemarie Lopez  |  [email protected]

Administrative Assistant:       Alexandra Arias   |   [email protected]

 Administrative Assistant:      Tijana Rakic |   [email protected]


Maintenance Staff:            Phone: 561-689-8966 | Fax: 561-689-1801

Director of Maintenance:        Cesar Ramos  | [email protected]

Maintenance Supervisor:        Ruddy Saldarriaga  | [email protected]

Maintenance Tech:                     Miguel Baez   |  [email protected]

Maintenance Tech:                     Junior Ramos  | [email protected]

Maintenance Tech:                    Guillermo Arauco  | [email protected]


Janitorial Staff:                Phone: 561-689-8966 | Fax: 561-689-1801

Janitorial Supervisor:            Lili Fanny Yanez | [email protected]

Groundskeeper:                       Pierre Luma   | [email protected]

Groundskeeper:                      Carolina Vargas   | [email protected]

Groundskeeper:                       Yusmelis Romero | [email protected]

Housekeeping Supervisor:  Virginia Ruiz | [email protected]


Anzen Useful Emails:

For Unit Owners:                         [email protected]

For Association Vendors:          [email protected]

For IT / web support:                 [email protected]

General information:                  [email protected]


For Resale of Unit(s) & Tenant Evaluation

The Village Condominium Tenant Evaluation Application  code for buyers / lessees / occupants is:  7010.

To request an estoppel / resale documents:  go online at and register your request.

The  documentation will be provided from:  [email protected]

The title company (only) to email a true copy of the recorded warranty deed to: [email protected]


Annual Membership Meetings & Budget Meetings:

For Unit Owners:  please contact  [email protected]


Job Opportunities / Careers / HR:

For candidates:    [email protected]  

For employees:     [email protected] (employees)


General Information Request: 

[email protected]