Architectural Application & Approval Process

Village Condominium and Golden Lakes HOA Governing Documents require association approval before a member may make a physical improvement or modification to the member’s property or to common area. Therefore, the association adopted an architectural application and approval process for members to utilize, and to assist the association in administering its architectural standards. The responsibility for reviewing and approving or disapproving a member’s architectural application belongs to Village Condo Board of Directors (for 796 units, under FS718) and to Golden Lakes HOA Board of Directors for the units under FS720. Once an Architectural Committee will be formed, this responsibility will be delegated to the commitee who will make the decisions based on the Governing Documents and the Board-approved policies.

Procedural Requirements
When reviewing and approving or disapproving a member’s architectural application, the association shall   provide a fair, reasonable and expeditious procedure for making its decision, according to the Association Governing Documents The maximum time for the association to issue a response to the  member’s architectural application or a request for the board to reconsider a disapproved application is 30 calendar days from the moment the application is received in the office by certified mail or hand-delivered to the Board Secretary.

Decision Requirements
Any decision regarding a member’s architectural application shall be made in good faith and not be unreasonable, arbitrary or capricious, as long as is not in conflict with any “governing provision of law” (e.g., Fair Employment and Housing Act, building codes, laws governing land use or public safety, etc.).

If an application is disapproved (rejected), the written decision will include both an explanation of why the application was disapproved and a description of the procedure through which the member may request reconsideration of the decision by the board.

Disapproval & Reconsideration (Appeal)
Where a member’s application is disapproved, the member is generally entitled to reconsideration by the board at an open meeting of the board.  However, if the initial disapproval of the application was made by the board “or a body that has the same membership as the board” at a duly held board meeting, no reconsideration is required.

Scope of Approval Powers
 An association’s architectural committee and board do not have the authority to approve the construction of improvements which are expressly prohibited by the provisions of the association’s CC&Rs or Declaration of the Condominium.  Where the improvement is not expressly prohibited by the CC&Rs, Declaration or other provisions of the association’s governing documents, approval will often depend upon (a) whether the improvement is aesthetically harmonious with surrounding structures and (b) whether it will pose a burden on neighboring owners or the association.


Please click here to download the REQUEST FOR APPROVAL FOR ARCHITECTURAL MODIFICATION. In order to process this application, the following items must be submitted via certified mail or hand-delivered to the Board Secretary , at least 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled commencement of any work:

  1. This completed application;
  2. Detailed description and specification of the proposed modification (example: type, location, materials, color, design, dimensions, plans, survey, pictures, and any other information as may be pertinent to complete your request);
  3. Copy of the Proposal or Agreement made with the Contractor which includes the Description of the Services being provided;
  4. Copy of the Contractor’s License or Professional Trade Certification;
  5. Copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Associations (Village Condominium Association at Palm Beach, INC and Golden Lakes Homeowners Association, INC) and Anzen Group, LLC as additional insured;
  6. Copy of County Permits (if applicable).